Empowered People, ready to ignite some of the world’s best brands

We are an engine for sales, but our machinery is built by people, for people. Our world-class, proprietary process for recruiting, developing and empowering top talent begins with this: Attract and hire the best people, then give them everything they need to be great. This includes:

    • A collaborative culture

    • Best-in-class sales training

    • An entrepreneurial spirit

    • Challenging engagements

Armed with a ready pipeline of highly trained sales professionals, we build deeper relationships—with each other, our clients, and their customers. The result is a sustainable ecosystem for sales that’s driven by a better customer experience.

We’ve helped some of the world’s biggest brands MarketSource their sales by increasing their market share, maximizing their ROI, improving visibility, and lifting sales higher than they ever imagined. And at the same time, we’ve helped our employees to MarketSource their careers.

Here are stories of how some of our employees have MarketSourced their careers and reaped the rewards.

Thaddeus Franklin Picture

Thaddeus Franklin, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Thaddeus Franklin was sold on MarketSource the moment he visited the website. “I wanted to take a peek and see all the things MarketSource had to offer, and I was amazed by the number of brands it represented,” he said. “I’m so thankful to be part of a company with so many opportunities for growth.” Now, as a recruiter, he follows a simple mantra: “If you want it, you can obtain it. Hard work in this company goes a long way.”

Stephen Lauterbach Picture

Stephen Lauterbach, Target Mobile Wireless Executive Team Leader

Since joining MarketSource, Stephen Lauterbach has moved up through numerous roles—starting as a kiosk manager before being promoted to a store manager, one of 50 product experts within a nationwide program and a product specialist for a national brand.

“My manager and her manager told me they were looking out for me and wanted to help me find something to push me down the road developmentally,” he recalls. “Shortly after, I was offered an awesome new opportunity.” The secret to his success? “A good work ethic and honesty. I will always respect the clients we work for and the companies we represent.”

Brad Degner Picture

Brad Degner, Program Director of CCS

Brad Degner has worked with numerous Fortune 500 customers since joining MarketSource. For him, one of the most surprising things about MarketSource was “how much quicker we can adapt to change, how we can go to the market quicker, how quickly we understand their business.”

To succeed here, Brad states you must have a plan about what you want to do and what steps you’ll need to take to get there. From there, share that plan with your leadership team, your mentors, and your network within the company. “Have the right advocates around you to help you get where you want to go.”

Matt Hudson Picture

Matt Hudson, Director of Financial Operations

Matt Hudson has learned a lot since joining MarketSource. One of the biggest lessons was “work-life blending instead of work-life balance. You don’t have to struggle or pull for one or the other; it’s really one you’re melding together.” He’s also enjoyed the emphasis on personal development. “I am required and expected to grow as a man, and not just a business man, but as an individual as well.”

Eva DavisPartner Picture

Eva Davis, HR Business Partner

One of Eva’s favorite parts about MarketSource is that she learns something new every day. From her time here, she’s been able to build long-lasting relationships and leadership ability. How? “Build your relationships, work hard, and have a selfless attitude.”

Scott Wiley Picture

Scott Wiley, Director of Recruiting

Scott joined MarketSource in 2009 and has had one title with about eight different jobs. “That’s just witness to how much MarketSource has grown,” he adds. When he first started working here, the recruiting department had only fifteen people. Today? Over 120 people. “We’re winning. We’re growing. This is a place where you work hard, and most of all, get to know the people around you. We’re in an environment that wants to know what happens when you walk out the door.”

Jess Sears Picture

Jess Sears, Director for Financial Operations

Jess Sears has worked for our parent company, Allegis Group, for over eighteen years and claims, “This culture is really like no other.” At MarketSource, people stretch themselves out of their comfort zone by looking for new opportunities around them. “Whether or not it’s something you know how to do,” Jess advises, “take a shot at it, and you never know what could happen.”

Cayce Coblentz Picture

Cayce Coblentz, Director of Implementation

Cayce has had seven different roles within MarketSource over the past twelve years. She appreciates “how we embody and breathe the core values. It’s truly a family environment. You’re able to work with a number of different people and levels within the company, but every single person understands that they have your best interest at heart.”

Aaron Williams

Aaron Williams, Director of Client Services

When asked what makes MarketSource a great place to work, Aaron responded that, “It’s not only our commitment to the success of our customers, but also to that of our large and growing pool of diverse employees. Each new and unique customer engagement offers an opportunity for our company to grow, and it’s this growth that provides a foundation of potential for our employees.” Aaron attests that those who are dedicated to working hard and have a sincere desire to learn can truly realize sustained and rewarding careers that in turn mutually benefit our customers.

Neil Vinson Picture

Neil Vinson, Director of Business Development

Throughout his nearly twenty years of living the MarketSource culture, Neil has seen MarketSource’s core values evolve from words on a wall to something that employees truly embody. “We ARE our people and that makes us different in a way that has to be experienced to be understood. Our customers see us as unique and different in a very positive way, and that encourages long-term partnerships,” he states. During his tenure, Neil has observed that employees and customers alike would both agree that MarketSource has a great culture that feels very much like a family. ”

Amy Dunn Picture

Amy Dunn, Director of Talent Development

In the short time that Amy’s been with MarketSource, she has had the opportunity to develop and implement a strategy in support of the development needs of our employees. To Amy, “This means that I come to work every day feeling empowered and enabled to make a difference that will not only support the personal and professional development of our people, but also directly impacts the overall growth of a dynamic organization.” Knowing that she has the support and resources needed to be successful in her role creates a highly engaging and motivating working environment.